About us

Rovian Jewels

Since 1970, Rovian Gioielli Italiani creates autentique jewels, whose main characters are coral, cameos, and precious stones, together with gold and platinum.
They are little a porter sculptures, rigorously handmade in Italy, but known worldwide.
Coral is in the DNA of the firm; in fact the coral code, later approved by King Ferdinand of Borbon, was signed by our ancestors.

A secula tradition

We carry on a secular tradition with passion and obstinacy.
This adventure was born in 1926 when Mr. Vincenzo Raiola, in command of a coral ship, cut through the Mediterranean sea, searching for banks of coral.
It was a hard but also lucky choice, so that I 1968 his partner Mr. Francesco Conte, decided to follow him, starting to explore the isles of Capri and Sardinia, with his submarine “Antonino Magliulo”.
It revealed to be a fruitful peach, so that later on they set up a factory in Torre del Greco, for coral working.
In the same time, the process of internationalization of the firm started and consequently our participation to the most important exhibitions: Vicenza, New York, Basel, Las Vegas, and Hong Kong.

The manufacture made in Torre del Greco

In our workshop in Torre del Greco, selected corals from the Mediterranean sea (corallium rubrum) and from Asia (corallium japonicum, elatius and secundum) are worked by expert gold artisans and engravers and turned into little works of art to be worn.
So, directly from the row materials, cabochon, poires, pendents and beautiful necklaces appeal.

Every thing starts from the drafts made by an style office, or committed by our several customers, important fashion brands and gold firms from Valenza, Vicenza, Idar-obestain.
These drafts are then given to our engravers who create original shell-cameos (cassis madagascariensis and rufa) and coral ones (corallium elatius).

The result is given by every kind of masterpieces: from clasps set in white coral for shoes made by shoemaker from Florence to a necklaces with red coral flowers for a famous firm from Milan.